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Who are you?
Are you a start up? Mid size company? A visionary?
Let us help you expand your message!
What do we do?

We create curated gift boxes of 24+ for each of your employees, customers, or members, to deliver your message through customized merchandise.

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Ready to curate your box?

1. Select the theme of your box
2. Review the customized options we provide
3. Sit back and watch us bring your vision to life

We are your one stop shop!

Why us?
Because we save you TIME and MONEY.


Expand your brand message

Branded Content

more people

How we do it?
We think outside the box

- Connect to vision and purpose

- Emphasize & Define

- Pick your products

- Designs tailored to fit your brand

- We  place the order

We create it

- Track it

- Assemble

- Quality assurance

- Pack it

we pack it

- Labeling

- Send

- Setup a tracking system

we deliver it

We pair you with one of our knowledgeable consultants that will customize a delightful experience that is targeted for your specific needs

We are a team of leaders with over 20 years experience in the creative industry. We are here to guide you on the path of the perfect gift! It is literally our mission to spark joy!
Meet The Team
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Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Co-Founder & Chief Procurement Officer

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Agustina Morero

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Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

What people say

AJ LETO, BBA Enrollment Director and Owner

Global Citizen Gear showed up strong. Beyond the strength and confidence that they are creating with our organization, they are also delivering a quality product. Each step of the experience has been a dream! Every question gets answered. They’re a competent and really fun team to work with.

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